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Livermore Girls Softball

Spring Softball 2024 is HERE!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age groups? 

LGSA typically uses the following age groups in our Spring season: 

● T Ball (ages 4-6) 

● 7U (*6-7 year olds), *6 y/o's that have player one year of T-Ball

● 8U (7-8 year olds) 

● 10U (9-10 year olds) 

● Middle School (grades 5-8, age 11+) 

● Seniors (grades 9-12)


What is the age cutoff date? 

The age cutoff for Spring Rec is January 1st. For example, a player who is 8 years old on January 1, 2020, will play in 8u even if she turns 9 on Jan 2nd. Players are always welcome to evaluate for an older age group. 

Is prior experience necessary? 

No experience with softball is necessary, LGSA welcomes girls of all skill levels and ages. 


I'm new to Tball, what do I need to do?

Register on our website. If you have any requests you can fill them out there. Once you register you sit tight for a bit. We will likely send some communications more directed for Tballers in early January. Your team will be drafted by the league and the coach will reach out to you directly in mid-late January. 


When is your registration period? 

Registration for our Spring Rec officially usually opens in October and runs into the New Year.


What are the Registration Fees? 

The registration fees are listed under our registration tab and are based on the division/age.


Where does my registration money go? 

Registration fees cover the league’s expenses for uniforms, clinics, umpires, field maintenance, equipment, and field rental. 


Do I need to pay in full upfront? 

No, you have the option to pay in full at registration or choose a payment plan.


Who is eligible to play? 

LGSA welcomes all girls age 4 to 18 


What documentation is required for Registration? 

The league needs to see a copy of player’s birth certificates to verify birth dates. If your player is new to LGSA, you can fulfill this requirement in the following ways: 

● During online registration, you can upload a copy 

● Email a scan or photo of it to [email protected] 

● Mail a copy to our PO Box : P.O. Box 905, Livermore, CA 94551 

● Bring it to evaluations and show it to a league representative at check in

What is the cancellation and refund policy? 

You can cancel your registration for a full refund up until the last day of evaluations. Email [email protected] to request a refund. 


What uniform does LGSA use? 

The registration fee for Spring Rec includes a team jersey and a hooded sweatshirt. During registration you will have the opportunity to select sizes for these items.


What other equipment is required? 

Parents provide: pants, socks, batting helmet (must have face shield on helmet), cleats, bat, and a softball glove. Soccer cleats are acceptable, however metal cleats of any kind are not allowed. 

Each team usually selects their own color for socks, pants, and undershirts. 

**If you are buying a new batting helmet it must be equipped with a face mask and chin strap that have been approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment. (NOCSE will be on the helmet) 


What size glove and bat should my daughter use? 

For 8u and under, look for a fastpitch glove in the 9”-11” range. Older players should generally use a glove that is 11” or greater. For bats, we recommend checking out guide. The most important part of the bat is making sure it is ASA approved. 


What size softball is used? 

Tball: 10” incrediball
8u: 10” RIF
10u: 11” ball
MS and up: 12” ball 


Is donated equipment available? 

We collect donated equipment and have it available at most events, but once our supply is gone.. it's gone! If you are in need of something specific, please contact the league prior to evals to make sure we have it available. To donate equipment that is in safe working condition, please just bring it by to any walk-in event or evaluation. 


When is the LGSA season?

*Opening Day for Spring usually falls the last Saturday of February

The Spring Rec season uses the following general schedule 

● October- registration opens 

● Early January- player evaluations for 8u and older 

● Late January- season begins with practices 

● Late February- opening day, games begin 

● May-Playoffs and championship games The Seniors team starts a little bit later 


What kind of weekly schedule can we expect? 

2 practices per week until games start, then expect 1 practice per week.

Once games start, you’ll typically have one weeknight game and one Saturday game each week.

How are the teams formed? 

The league conducts an open draft to fill teams in the 8u through Middle School age groups. All players in these age groups must attend an evaluation held by the league. Managers must attend all evaluation dates to take notes and be prepared for the draft that will be held soon after the last evaluation. 

T-ball and 7u teams are generally formed by school so that a player is more likely to have friends or familiar faces on her team. The league will try to accommodate requests to be with a friend and/or coach, but does not guarantee that all requests will be satisfied. 

What happens if we don’t attend player evaluations? 

The league requires all players age 8u to Middle School to attend a player evaluation. At least two dates will be offered. A player who does not attend will be placed in our "hat pick" selection at the draft. 


What equipment is needed for evaluations? 

Your daughter should wear athletic clothing and shoes. We recommend baseball/softball pants and cleats. (Soccer cleats are acceptable). She will need a glove, bat and helmet to attend evaluations. We sometimes have donated equipment on hand, but our supply is always fluctuating. 


When will player evaluations be held? 

At least two dates in January will be offered. Check website for exact dates and times. All evals will be held at Junction fields. 


Can my daughter play up in an older age group? 

Yes, there may be opportunities for girls to play up to an older group: 

  • A first time player who is 4 or 6 years old must play at least one season of t-ball 

  • A 6 year old player with one year of baseball/softball experience may be able to move up to 7u depending on space availability, but must attend a 7u evaluation 

  • A 7 year old player who wants to play 8u, must attend the 8u evaluation. If there is no room in 8u or if she is not drafted onto an 8u team, she will be placed on a 7u team. 

  • Players in 8u and above must attend their own age evaluation. They can choose to attend an older evaluation in addition to their own age. If there 

  • is no room in the older group, or if they are not drafted, they will be placed on a team in their age group.

What if I don’t want my daughter to play in an older division? 

Parents indicate their willingness for a player to be eligible for drafting in an older division by attending the older division evaluation. Only those players that attend the evaluation will be considered for that draft. 


Does LGSA need sponsors? 

Yes! LGSA is always looking for support from our community. Monetary donations help offset the costs of buying new gear and maintaining our fields. It also gives donors an opportunity to gain additional exposure for their businesses or organizations. Please email [email protected] for more information about how you can support LGSA 


Does LGSA offer clinics? 

Yes, the league is committed to developing players to the best of their potential. We offer clinics for pitching and catching during the season. We’re always looking to improve the clinics we offer. The league also believes that the investment in coaches clinics will have a great impact in a players development and enjoyment of the game. 

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Livermore Girls Softball

P.O. Box 905 
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Livermore Girls Softball

P.O. Box 905 
Livermore, California 94551

Email: [email protected]
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